Muslim Singles Marriage Events are events organised specifically for persons who are looking to meet other persons who are marriage minded.

Every organiser will run their events slightly different, so have a read of the info below, and we’ll look forward to having you at our event.

Nur Networks specialises in Muslim singles events, and has established itself as one of the most successful Muslim singles event organisers in the UK. Nur Networks has been organising Muslim singles events for over 13 years, and has respectfully helped in matching countless number of participants.

Nur Networks is 100% independent, and is not associated with any other business or organisation using the name Nur or Noor.

Every event hosted by Nur Networks features an environment that is designed to be warm, friendly, and inviting. The events are specially organised to befit the principles of Muslim etiquette, and are made to make networking and introductions between marriage-minded people as easy as possible.

A friendly and warm environment, for the networking and introduction of marriage minded individuals. Generally each table will be split males and females. You will be able to get to know the people on your table and talk as a group in a friendly atmosphere. The males will then rotate to another table after every 15 min or so, this gives everybody a chance to briefly meet. After this you can arrange to exchange emails or arrange to talk with someone who you felt could be compatible.

Participants should be single.   Widower / widow and divorced persons are most welcome too.

Nur Networks is very proud to say that it is our utmost priority to provide a balanced ratio at each event. We have had a very good track record of providing a balanced ratio at our events in the past.

All participants can attend on their own.

Due to limited places and to prevent congestion in the event room, if a participant wishes to be accompanied with someone, we have the following guidelines:

  • If a female participant prefers, she can bring a relative or friend for moral support, and there is no charge for this.  There will be allocated seats at the perimeter of the event room for them.   We can not guarantee a seat as there will be limited seating. However they can wait in the foyer.
  • The extra seats available at the perimeter, we can also allow parents to sit in them, and there is no charge for this. However we can not guarantee a seat as there will be limited seating.  However they can wait in the foyer.

Apart from the above, we do not allow anyone else.

Please note:  Only the participants need to book and pay.  

You can book online. All payments are securely handled by PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account to book, you can use your credit or debit card), and its completely safe. We only take online bookings, this will reserve the participants place for the event. Unfortunately we do not take bookings at the door, all bookings will have to be done in advance online.

Yes, you must be over 18 years old to participate in the event.

Due to trying to achieve the most out of the event without obstructions, we have opted not to have a meal during the event. However complimentary finger snacks will be provided on each table for our guests.

Due to the nature of organising the events. We can provide a refund if Nur Networks the organiser cancels the event altogether.  For detailed information please see our terms and conditions.

You should not book or attend an event if you have:

Been tested positive for Covid-19 within 14 days before the event date.
Have a persistent cough and/or high temperature within 24 hours before the event date and time.