Who are Nur Networks?

Nur Networks is the leading Muslim Singles Marriage Events organiser, with over 13 years of experience. Nur Networks was set up to provide a service dedicated to providing marriage-minded individuals the opportunity to meet and network with other marriage-minded individuals.

Nur Networks has been organising events for over 13 years and has established itself as the leading organiser of Muslim Single Marriage Events in the UK.

Nur Networks is 100% independent and isn’t associated with any business or organisation using the name Nur or Noor.


Opportunity to meet prospective individuals

It is important to recognise that finding a suitable spouse can often be very challenging and at times often very difficult. Due to the changing face of society people today are working more and associating with others much less. There has been a recent emergence of events and programs held by individuals aimed at helping Muslims to find prospective partners.

There are many associations dealing with this issue, but we hope that we can at least make a contribution to helping people find their marriage partner. Our marriage events will give you the opportunity to meet prospective individuals and inshallah help you find your partner in marriage.

Our events have helped match many individuals. There are now an increasing number of people attending the events due to the fact that meeting real people face-to-face has major advantages over profile websites or apps.


“Our success is derived from talented individuals who feel motivated, and rewarded towards the service we provide”.